CSR – Software Development Training

Technocrat as a company has been able to run very successfully globally. With many happy clients in every part of the world from different industries being satisfied with our IT end-to-end solutions and our great customer service; we also believe always engaged in different forms of CSR as we believe giving back to the our society is very important.

At Technocrat, we believe that it is not all about the bottom line (Profit) for a company, giving back to our global society and making a better world starts with creating or improving young individuals. This is why members of our leadership team, who are ‘semi-retired’ are investing their time to help build, train and mentor young individuals. Having founded and sold off their previous multi-million pounds software company, Technocrat has been set up as a ‘semi-retirement’ plan with the intent to give back to the global society. We want to offer our skills and experience to help develop a new generation of coders. It is important to identify this skill, nurture it and build it to fruition. It is not surprising, as we know, that coding as a profession has recently catapulted from the dark rooms of nerdom into the bright light of appeal.

What remains surprising is the scarcity of youths who hit their ‘a-ha’ moment early in their career, with the exception of the few such as; Mark Zuckerberg. We believe the missing puzzle is the lack of capturing the attention of these young minds at the early stages; pre-teen to teenage years. This is one aspect Technocrat would like to make a difference in, we would like to tutor young minds from learning the basics of coding through to developing their first app.

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